Monday, July 16, 2007


Even More Links for 2007-07-16

  • The Case for Passfaces
    Jeff Bohren of BMC recently compared SiteKey and InfoCards (CardSpace) in a thoughtful manner. The folks over at PassFaces commented on his posting but conveniently left out cost considerations in that enabling support for InfoCards is free in terms of software acquisition while they have excercised the right to remain silent on the total cost for their solution

  • Using Your Blog to Change the World
    Are you willing to use your influence to make the world a better place?

  • Understanding Compensating Controls
    The reasons is that because compensating controls are sometimes based on subjective information, the process is flawed.

  • Outstanding Questions for Billy Cripe of Oracle
    Usually Billy is really good in terms of sharing insight. I wonder why he hasn't chimed in?

  • New York City Bloggers
    Feels like a good deal. 1/2 off Tonic Bar & Restaurant

  • Another Untold Story regarding Identity Management
    You really should check out Jackson Shaw's Blog

  • Charlene Li of Forrester
    Sweating bullets is probably an understatement

  • They Aren't Going to Read It
    Why most documentation in large enterprises goes unread

  • What's Next After a Fantasy Congress? A Fantasy Enterprise?
    Mike Gotta of the Burton Group comments on enterprise behaviors. Could we pick the best management team across various industry segments? Which CEO's and CIO's would be drafted? Or would people pick other types of talent such as those leading innovation programs? What would the metrics be (market growth, customer satisfaction)? Could such a model be ported to within an enterprise where employees could draft various managers and other key co-workers?

  • Outstanding Question for Nick Gall of Gartner
    I wonder if this question was too difficult for him to answer?

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