Friday, July 13, 2007


They aren't going to read it...

Enterprise Architects including myself never seem to learn that more detail whether in PowerPoint or a Word document simply won't be read...

James Tarbell always talks about the reason that corporate America suffers from a Knowledge Crisis. People can learn only what is at the edge of their knowledge (otherwise they will fall off). A thought that you have, no matter how interesting and important it may seem to you, is probably not at the edge of others' knowledge. It is either too dull or too sharp.

Observation of the human aspects of technology says we are becoming a people that find reading to be a distraction and obstacle, rather than a chance to learn something or figure something out. This throws a wrench into our ideas that writing reams of documentation is a best practice, when in fact, not too many people will care, nor bother to read the fine manual (RTFM).

As an author, I like to write and read. The one thing I need to improve on is in understanding why others don't...

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