Thursday, July 12, 2007


Two Outstanding Questions for Billy Cripe regarding Oracle Fusion ECM

Billy, I would like to make a $100 donation to Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund in your name. I read your blog enty entitled: Document Security, F1 Secrets and Fast Cars and have two simple questions I would love for you to answer as part of your next blog entry.

  • You mentioned in your blog, the Oracle Information Rights Management (IRM) product. You are probably aware that a vast majority of your customers may have a product from Microsoft named Active Directory which also has this capability. Some of your customers may even have equivalent Adobe products. Is it your suggestion that an enterprise should have multiple disparate ways of doing information rights management or should they expect to leverage the products they already have and be able to integrate them with Oracle Fusion ECM possibly using a standards-based approach?

  • The ability to secure content once it leaves the server should rightfully not be overlooked. One can protect content within an ECM infrastructure using ACLs or once content leaves the ECM infrastructure, you propose using IRM. Can you tell me what should happen to content and its protection if say another product is authorative (say a business process using a non-Oracle BPM engine) for determining usage and whether this should be based on standards (e.g. XACML)?

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