Friday, July 13, 2007


Outstanding Question for Nick Gall of Gartner

I have one and only one question for Nick Gall of Gartner whose blog I read frequently and find he has a lot of integrity, more than what you may find amongst his peers.

My question is: How can I find a list of software vendors who have appeared in any Gartner Magic Quadrant in the leaders spot that never paid Gartner any fees?

Intuitively, I would expect one potential answer to be that even if they didn't pay before they appeared, that they may have afterwards because they realized the value of Gartner's service or something along this theme. I still gotta believe though that it should be pretty straightforward to at least list several software vendors who appeared on the Quadrant in the leaders section before paying?

Likewise, if there is no list available to the public, could you at least name a few that you may know of?

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