Monday, July 02, 2007


Links for 2007-07-02

  • IT Executives: I am going to take your employees
    This is one link you should forward to your boss

  • The Enterprise Architect Career Ladder
    Ever notice that most architects don't aspire to become CIO? Does this have anything to do with aligning with the business and having to adopt cliche phrases as part of ones vocabulary or is it something else?

  • Defining the next paradigm of IT outsourcing
    If you are outsourcing either due to age of American IT population and/or rate arbitrage, your enterprise is in big trouble

  • How to spot the dreaded non-coding architect
    I suspect that James Tarbell and Robert McIlree would have a lot to say about architects who do not code or worse yet, don't know how to code

  • Resource Program architecture team
    What is the appropriate level of architecture team resourcing? This is one of those situations where your boss may think you need more resources when reality says that the opposite is true

  • Getting the Enterprise Canonical Data Model right
    I would argue that the C should stand for Common as their is nothing canonical about what enterprises are doing in this space. The dictionary hints that canonical also implies simple

  • Identity Predictions for 2007
    I couldn't have said it better myself

  • Microsoft offers $500 Vista PC to Indian students
    As a stockholder and patriot, I wonder what it would take to get all those Microsoft bloggers such as Mike Jones to offer PCs in countries such as Trinidad. After all, while we live in a global economy, the America's shouldn't be ignored

  • Do you send your child to private school?
    Let's collectively work together to make public schools better...

  • The Man Blog
    Bloggers who seem to have a complimentary style to my own...

  • If its broken don't fix it
    While Gunnar Peterson directed his advice to security professionals, the notion of leaving some things broken is equally importance to enterprise architecture

  • The Taxonomy of Conferences
    Are IT conferences too expensive? Should they have more diversity amongst speakers? Which ones do you attend?

  • Does Corporate America have a heart?
    I thought big business just didn’t care. I thought large corporations had no sense of human kindness. I was certain that American overseas outsourcing was a bottom line strategy that left former American employees out in the cold. But I guess I was wrong...

  • Would you like to be an Enterprise Architect for Wal-Mart?
    I wonder what is the worst Enterprise Architect position in America?

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