Monday, June 25, 2007


Would you like to be an Enterprise Architect for Wal-Mart?

A recruiter contacted me regarding a position as an Enterprise Architect for Wal-Mart. He did several things well in terms of describing the opportunity, first by focusing on the human aspects such as how many public parks are in the area. Later on the description it included the usual stuff like leading strategic planning, governance and portfolio management.

Later on, the catch emerged: This position carries a dedicated pager or other mobile device and attends Saturday morning meetings as required. I wonder why any Enterprise Architect would need to carry a pager? Is there such a thing as emergency strategic work or is this a way of hiding production support responsibilities that aren't really about enterprise architecture.

Likewise, I don't mind working on Saturday's as this is what I did this weekend but it was from the comfort of my own living room where I had my feet up on the couch while snacking on Little Debbies. The thought of having to work in the office on weekends is fugly. I wonder though if having Saturday morning meetings is status quo at Wal-Mart?

For those who will get it twisted, I am not suggesting that one avoid these types of positions. I am of the belief that if you are not currently an enterprise architect but would like to become one, then choosing an entry-level opportunity (my own classification - not Wal-Marts) then this is the way to go. I would be curious to learn if Target has the same practices...

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