Monday, June 18, 2007


IT Executives: I am going to take your employees...

I'm going to take your employees. You look out over your team, and see a group of people who work for you. I see new recruits. I'm going to lure them away with higher salaries.I'm going to show them that my benefits package is better than yours. I will show them that my training programs are comprehensive, timely, and will help them reach the next stage in their career.

I'll also show them that training won't be set aside because of "budget cuts", or put on the back burner by an endless parade of urgent projects. I'm going to promise them opportunities for career advancement within the company, then deliver.
I'm going to show them that we have a culture of respect, and we don't treat people like dirt just because they work in IT. I'm going to give them the opportunity to work on projects that they can be passionate about. I will listen to their ideas, not blow them off because I didn't think of it first.I will earn their loyalty.

Who am I? I am your direct competitor across town. My employees know your employees. They talk to each other. I am the IT Manager who just successfully got half his staff promoted to new positions, and is looking for the best fresh blood to come in and keep things rolling. I am the VP of IT Services in an unrelated industry, who knows what she wants to accomplish, and knows she'll need good people in order to do it.

I am the CIO who is insourcing all the IT functions he previously outsourced, and is going to make sure the investment pays off. I am the IT Director of a professional managed services/outsourcing company, who's continued success and reputation is leading me to hire and deploy entire new teams on a monthly basis.I am your company's CFO, COO, and CMO, who are all facing crunches of their own, and won't hesitate to take tech-savvy employees who want to branch out. I'm going to take your employees.But don't worry too much. I'm not going to take all your employees. Just the best ones.

Just the ones who have all the knowledge and insight. The ones who stay late and get things done. The ones who take care of things while you're sleeping, or chatting, or in another meeting. Yeah, just them. You don't really need them anyway, do you?
I'm going to take your employees. What are you going to do about it?

Signed Helpdesk Samurai...

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