Monday, February 06, 2006


Enterprise Architecture and the Knowledge Crisis in the Blogosphere

There is a huge Knowledge Crisis within corporate America. Management by Magazine is being pervasively installed in the minds of Americans. We have been assimilated by the many industry conferences who allow industry CTOs to prevent thinly veiled sales presentations chock-a-block with eye candy but lacking substance to persuade our thinking. Likewise, the folks in the industry analyst community who are supposed to provide clarity are making things clear as mud.

Over the last month, I have asked some pretty hard questions of the blogosphere in hopes that others may be able to provide insight. While I have received answers to some of the questions posted, many of them still go unanswered. I figured I would post links to all previous questions in hopes that the blogosphere may have had time to think on them...

In order to incentivize thoughtful dialog, I will be giving away at least five copies of the below book to whomever responds via trackback with the most complete thinking on any of the above questions.

All trackback posts should occur by March 1st 2006...

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