Monday, June 23, 2008


How can Indian Outsourcing firms improve...

Rahulh Tiwari left a comment on a previous blog entry asking for ways that folks in India can improve. I will be dedicating at least three different future blog entries to this topic based on the number of comments and trackbacks...

One doesn't improve unless you take deliberate actions to do so. As a book author of several bestselling books including Java Web Services Architecture and Enterprise Service Oriented Architectures, along with moderating the Computer Book Authors Yahoo Group, the book sales in India are way down.

Logic would dictate in a growing market that book sales would increase and not decline. The only rationale answer is that folks are happily programming away using trial-and-error. If folks are into so-called best practices such as CMMi, knowledge transfer and so on, that you would at least make a better effort to learn from others. The value proposition of India can increase if and only if you not only compete on price but actually learn to program as well as Americans or at least at the same level.

Many Americans have spent countless hours in their basements after long hours at work writing down their thoughts to share with others and they aren't doing it to get rich. Did you know that I make only $0.75 for each book sold? Nowadays, this isn't even enough for us authors to visit MacDonalds and supersize (something I really shouldn't be doing anyway). Figured I would mention the economic aspects so that folks wouldn't get it twisted and think I am only promoting books. Reality says that if others in America are buying books but their Indian counterparts are not then whom do you think will stay ahead?

More importantly, if I have a bookshelf with lots of reference materials while folks in India are attempting to google for answers, with all other things being equal, who do you think can deliver software faster? So, my first recommendation would be for folks in India to stop asking their bosses at Wipro, TCS, Infosys, Cognizant, Satyam, Accenture or wherever you may be employed and start asking them to provide a rich book budget for their employees to learn...

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