Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Links for 2008-01-01

  • Congratulations, you don't suck
    A group of people in a company get sufficiently fed up with the status quo that they decide to try and bring agile development methods into their organization. They manage to get a small project approved, they put together a team, they get some training and/or mentoring, and they give it a shot. They don't do everything perfectly, but they have the right attitude and they don't give up. Now only if this behavior would happen in Indian outsourcing firms...

  • A question of stewardship
    A project manager impersonating an enterprise architect is off giving out sub-optimal advice again by stating many issues why the business utilizes Excel spreadsheets for reporting and why the data issues that develop aren't necessarily an IT problem. I wonder if the proliferation of spreadmarts is wise especially since spreadsheets are a great way that personally identifiable information gets lost...

  • Enterprise Architecture and Jargon Proliferation
    The often uncontrollable urge to coin a term (aka I think I am the first one to call it this) for a concept that doesn't need a new term to describe it...

  • Adding InfoCard Login to a J2EE Web Application
    I wonder if James Robertson could share with us how to do the equivalent in SmallTalk?

  • Leah Culver
    There aren't too many IT babes blogging. Figured you should check out her writings.

  • Another brain fart on why open source is bad
    Open source is not about economics as much as it is about community. Ignore what software vendors are telling you.

  • Craigslist: Best Posting of the Year
    I defy you to find one better.

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