Saturday, December 29, 2007


Enterprise Architecture and Jargon Proliferation

The often uncontrollable urge to coin a term (aka I think I am the first one to call it this) for a concept that doesn't need a new term to describe it...

One of the most painful things I struggle with in being an Enterprise Architect is in getting folks on the same page and the problem usually is when folks have abused a word and added their own meaning to an otherwise common term. Jargon proliferation will take place when others feel the uncontrollable urge to use the unneeded term for reasons which are not to clear. If enough acceptance and use accrues, the jargon may indeed become needed and perhaps preferred over the old term used to describe the concept. Use does seem to make the transition possible regardless of what some may feel or think about it.

The long term affect of folks within large enterprises allowing this behavior is that it confuses the living crap out of outsiders. Have you ever wondered why it takes so long for Indian outsourcing folks to understand your business? Get a clue and put an end to this insanity...

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