Saturday, December 01, 2007


Links for 2007-12-01

  • Effective Controls for attaining continuous application security throughout the SDLC
    Oops, they made a mistake in the eyes of Robert McIlree by suggesting that they should focus on people over process.

  • Ten Reasons why outsourcing fails
    I wonder if folks from India could name some more?

  • Is security software becoming a security risk?
    In my opinion, the answer is yes. Have you noticed that no one in the identity community talks about the need for secure coding practices? Would you feel good if the specifications for OpenID or CardSpace relying parties was rock solid but the implementations were insecurely coded? How would you feel if the same thing could be said of OpenSSO?

  • A Standard for Secure Coding in Java
    Wouldn't it be wonderful if David Heinemeier Hansson and James Robertson created the equivalent for Smalltalk and Ruby on Rails? Documented guidance on secure architectures, encryption, data handling, authentication, session management and authorization could only benefit the community at large.

  • The future of Documentum
    I find it interesting that Xenysys isn't even mentioned in ECM reports from the large analyst firms yet they are stealing business from the big guys. They may be well served by networking with analyst firms such as Redmonk and CMSWatch. I wonder if there are any large enterprises that use them?

  • Records Management: Why do we care?
    The Microsoft Exchange team understands the need to participate in a large records management strategy. I wonder if Zimbra can do the same?

  • Records Management and Sharepoint
    SharePoint 2007 has a new feature that helps company meet the Government's requirement for Information Retention. It is called Records Management. SharePoint allows you to define how long to keep the information, what happen when the information "expires". When your company is sued, documents can even be "tagged" as required to mitigate the lawsuit and the expiry timer is paused for those documents. The interesting thing is that it is not a separate product. I wonder why other vendors create separate SKUs vs simply expanding the product to meet customer needs?

  • Fifty habits of highly effective bloggers
    Expanding upon some of my lesser thought out ideas may be the fifty first habit.

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