Thursday, November 22, 2007


Links for Thanksgiving 2007

  • Made in the USA
    As you start noodling Black Friday, hopefully you will consider purchasing higher quality toys made in the USA and not that unsafe cheap Chinese stuff.

  • Outsourcing in the Phillippines
    Here is an interesting study by Mercer Management consulting outlining how other countries are cheaper than India. A later study will emerge demonstrating how they are also of higher quality.

  • 20 Worst Venture Capital Investments of all time
    When will VC's learn that they need to also embrace the discipline of enterprise architecture to manage their own portfolio.

  • Software Estimation and the Business-Technical Conflict
    A great posting by Krishna Kumar on how business folks create IT death marches. I hope that he will continue this thread of thinking.

  • Whose buying what Forrester's measuring?
    Jeff Potts questions who is stupid enough to believe the latest Forrester ECM report. Let me state for the record that there are hundreds of Enterprise Architects who have read and unfortunately believed the contents without thinking any deeper. In fact, many of them may have encouraged their non-technical IT bosses to further amplify it. Likewise, it wouldn't surprise me that all those closed source ECM vendors won't also circulate it to their clients further digging the hole. Alfresco can't survive in the competition against closed source unless us enterprise architects demand more transparency from industry analysts.

  • Information Card Miscellany
    I wonder when Jeff Bohren and Phil Hunt will stop throwing daggers at CardSpace and figure out how to log into an Oracle Database and Remedy using an Information Card? Oops, that may actually require them having an internal conversation.

  • The Business Architect
    In many enterprises, the architect has fallen into a role of the gatekeeper. Rather than spending time on strategy, layers of abstraction and modeling, they are consumed by tactical decisions for projects at hand. If you think about this, it is really a problem.

  • Evaluating EA Processes
    Awhile back, I challenged Robert McIlree whom is process weenie and project manager attempting to convince others that he is an Enterprise Architect to talk less about process and more about practices. In fact, I rightfully predicted that he would either throw daggers, rationalize his thoughts or exercise his right to remain silent. He has managed to do all three.

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