Monday, November 12, 2007


Links for 2007-11-12

  • Using Technology to Fight Poverty
    Good to see that other Enterprise Architects understand that profit isn't the only motive.

  • Judging Project Managers in 10 Minutes
    This blogger believes If they just use jargon from the PMBok, I put them on the lower end of the scale. Do you agree?

  • Penrose Virtual Directory
    I haven't seen any of the open source industry analysts provide commentary on this product but it feels competitive to OpenLDAP and Oracle Virtual Directory

  • IT and Patriotism
    What is the responsibility of IT employees to show a little bit of patriotism?

  • Federated Identity and Social Networking
    Curious to understand what others feel the responsibility of software vendors such as Sun, BMC, Oracle, HP and CA is towards helping their customers not only purchase products but to also federate with each other?

  • Principles for Enterprise Architects
    So far the conversation in the blogosphere on Enterprise Architecture is usually centered around a set of processes when it should focus on a set of values.

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