Sunday, November 11, 2007


Enterprise Architecture: Do we also have a patriotic duty?

One common but incorrect assumption regarding enterprise architecture is that the main concern is the bottom line and profit...

If you understand that enterprise architecture is also about stewardship and we have a duty to be Keepers of the Flame then the conversation regarding enterprise architecture becomes more than just a discussion about process and instead focuses on the human aspects of technology.

What if bloggers such as Robert McIlree, James Robertson, George Alexander and others where to get over their fear of discussing the human aspects of technology and added a dimension to their blog that takes a step beyond “knowing“ and “giving” around technology to to what we are “doing” with technology in the name of wiping out poverty around the globe and encouraging corporations to actually have values around patriotism. For the record, there is no such thing as globalism, but there is merit in focusing on local communities, where one lives, work and prosper.

The funny thing is that us Enterprise Architects in corporate sectors think we are doing something meaningful when we achieve ROI but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, many of our non-profit brethren actually are better practitioners of enterprise architecture as they are not constrained by the need to make a profit.

There are many organizations and individuals out there doing amazing things with technology where the benefit is not a personal bonus or a shareholder dividend; it is a child who can read and write, a mother who can start a business to feed her family, or a saved life. Imagine if industry analysts such as James Governor, Alex Fletcher and Nick Malik also focused on this most important consideration. Other than individuals such as Graham Glass, this story needs to be told more...

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