Monday, November 05, 2007


Links for 2007-11-05

  • Make Poverty History
    Good to see that bloggers from ThoughtWorks understand the importance of amplifying the need to talk about charity

  • Does outsourcing to the Caribbean make sense?
    Sure, especially if you believe in quality over quantity...

  • Leading in the technical environment
    Most Enterprise Architects miss out on opportunities to improve their own enterprise by not serving as mentors to those lower in the organization chart.

  • Speaking at Gartner
    I have asked for several attendees to put Todd Biske on the spot by asking questions such as which open source SOA tools do you think Gartner should provide deeper research on?

  • A Call for More Enterprise Architects to blog!
    Software vendors haven't yet figured out that it is in their best interest for Enterprise Architects to blog. Consider the fact that you can learn a lot about an individual prior to making a sales pitch simply by reading their thoughts.

  • The Real Meaning of Enterprise Architecture
    I know that everyone has their own definition, but should they?

  • SharePoint is not an ECM platform
    I agree with Laurence Hart that SharePoint is not an ECM platform. After all, its security model is externalized, you don't have to duplicate user stores and it is pervasively used in most enterprises. Putting Sharepoint into the category of Stellent, Alfresco and Documentum is an insult.

  • IT Industry launches SAFECode initiative
    Good to see that EMC is a participant. I wonder if they will beat Stellent in getting Documentum to be more secure first.

  • How design impacts security
    I wonder what others think of letting folks in India outsourcing firms do their own design and what they would recommend to customers to ensure that their designs are secure?

  • The Insecurity of Ruby on Rails
    I wonder if Smalltalk suffers from the same problem?

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