Friday, September 21, 2007


Links for 2007-09-21

  • Do you love IT conversations? Show It
    I wonder if Phil Windley knows that I am a big fan of IT Conversations. Having worked all day last Saturday and Sunday being alone at work on the floor, I put Anne Thomas Manes, Stephen O'Grady, Gary McGraw and others on blast while I attempted to write code. I realize that even I am dangerous nowadays when attempting to build working software

  • Patriotism, India and Charity
    Hopefully our friends in India outsourcing firms can consider supporting this worthy cause.

  • Good policy makes good security
    Jackson Shaw comments on how Active Directory is becoming the center of the universe within many enterprises. I wonder though if the Quest ActiveRoles product should be something that Microsoft should purchase and simply put into the next version?

  • Logging out from Cardspace
    I hate when folks complain about technology when they haven't researched deeply enough the underlying issues why what they are asking for is problematic?

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