Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Patriotism, India and Charity...

A friend of mines (Hi Pratul) suggested that I would be better off making folks aware of lack of diversity by using kind words than challenging their lack of open thinking by throwing daggers. Like myself, he believes that charity may be the best gift one could give to others...

I guess he is encouraging me to put my money where my mouth is. One of the most honorable things one can do is to die in the name of your country. Many young American men and women are dying in the pursuit of spreading freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan. In this war against terror, we have lost thousands of lives.

I guess one small token of gratitude would be for me to personally donate to worthy charities that benefit fallen soldiers who died to protect our freedom to outsource jobs to other countries, to perform ungodly acts in public settings and to allow us to waste food at industry conferences while children in third world countries starve.

I would like to offer $200 for each and every soldier who was born in India and perished in Iraq and/or Afghanistan who served in the United States Armed Forces to either the charity of their families choice or to a worthy charity such as Freedom is not free which aids wounded service members and their families.

Please post their names, rank and branch of service so that I and others can honor them in a way that they deserve...

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