Sunday, August 19, 2007


More Links for 2007-08-17

  • Call for more EA Blogging
    Most Enterprise Architects are afraid to blog because the skills required to be successful in large enterprises are the exact opposite of those required to be a credible blogger. For example, the notion of controlling the message and tempered responses are mandated in enterprises where as the blogosphere prefers strong opinions to either extreme.

  • Will the real Enterprise Architect stand up?
    The funny thing is that while large enterprises may have several, reality says that they may only have one or two worthy of the title

  • A toe in water
    It is a good thing to see others blog about enterprise architecture. I hope he will focus on the human aspects more than process-orientation going forward

  • Implementing a Security Training Program
    I wonder if this blogger is aware of the challenges of getting folks to understand secure coding? Does he know that developers prefer courses they can add to their resume building in which security doesn't help? Which is better for my resume; learning programming in Smalltalk or learning to code securely in languages I already know?

  • United Nations suffered SQL Injection Attack
    I wonder if something else needs to be injected?

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