Saturday, July 14, 2007


More Links for 2007-07-14

  • Open Token Session Management
    Kudos to folks at Ping Identity for pointing out additional weaknesses in many Web Access Management products and stepping up to provide an open specification that addresses this issue. Hopefully the folks at the Burton Group are following this standard as customers will surely be asking IBM (Tivoli), Oracle (CoreID), CA (SiteMinder) and Sun (Access Manager) to implement. I wonder what Andre Durand thinks of my earlier post on Web Access Management features lacking CAPTCHA functionality?

  • The Vendor Pitch
    Eric Norlin comments on the dreaded vendor pitch at industry conferences. Hopefully, he will provide additional thoughts that vendors should noodle like instead have their customers take their speaking slots and present case studies or instead focus on topics that are labeled: The ten things you need to consider about Topic X. For enterprises, the ability to hear what competitors are up to is usually more beneficial than hearing the so-called value proposition of the vendor. We do more index oriented architectures that we do thought leadership

  • How to move the herd
    Microsoft has benefited the open source community at-large more than BEA, Oracle, CA and HP combined. They deserve more credit

  • Bloggers can be journalists
    Scott Karp comments on something that is known by the masses but not accepted by the status quo. Maybe some predictions in when traditional media will come to respect bloggers is in order

  • Movable Type 4.0 Beta Review
    Check out AG and his thoughtful review of new features in Movable Type. I really wish Blogger would add many of the mentioned features

  • You need to outsource! Here's Why?
    I suspect that future postings from this blogger will continue to be one-sided

  • Shocking H1-B Video may result in H1-B Reform Bill with no Quota Increase
    Peningo references the famous H1-B video that many in the blogosphere have refused to even discuss. Ever notice how industry analyst bloggers have exercised their right to remain silent on this issue?

  • Outsourcing Man bites dog
    Great article by Esther Dyson on India based tutoring

  • A vote against dependency injection
    Dependency injection is en vogue today to improve reuse. This is a major concern of modern software development but it is not the only one. Dependency injection doesn't come for free, it requires additional configuration and technologies.

  • Values of a Software Engineer
    I find it interesting to see software engineers ascribe to a common set of values, something that enterprise architects should also consider instead of our usual process as a substitute for competency blog entries. Maybe collectively, Todd Biske, Robert McIlree, Scott Mark and James Tarbell could come up with such a list

  • Strategies for Making OpenID More Secure
    Patrick Harding is cordial in terms of describing security flaws in OpenID and should simply state that OpenID cannot become more secure without abandoning backward compatibility

  • Application Risk Architect - Financial Services
    The base pay for this position feels about $15K too low. The one thing that one always wants to know is whether this position reports to a VP-level, director-level or manager-level...

  • comments on analysts
    The notion of skits appeals to me. I would have loved to see Burton Group attack Gartner and have the video posted on YouTube

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