Friday, July 13, 2007


Missing Features in Web Access Management Products

There are tons of features that should be out-of-box functionality within web access management products such as Oracle CoreID, Netegrity Siteminder, Tivoli Access Manager, Yale CAS and so on but I will only focus on one.

If you have ever noticed consumerish sites such as Yahoo, Myspace and so on, they all include CAPTCHA functionality. At some level, many folks think of authentication as simply satisfying a challenge usually accomplished by providing a username and password combination. Nowadays, it is equally important in a business context to know whether it is being provided by a human or automation.

I am surprised that many large enterprises haven't yet demanded this functionality. At least I hope that the respective analysts at the Burton Group, Gartner and Forrester start paying attention to the completeness of product offerings and noting in their upcoming research...

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