Sunday, July 08, 2007


More Links for 2007-07-08

  • Why aren't IT executives patriotic?
    Have you noticed that folks with military experience are disappearing from the ranks of IT executives?

  • Why I don't like Apple
    The whole thing with Apple is interesting to most but I have never caught the bug. I would only take a Mac if someone gave me one for free and I certainly don't own an iPod

  • OpenCMS
    Open Source Content Management systems are a dime a dozen and there are few worth considering within an enterprise context. OpenCMS happens to support WebDAV and will soon be releasing support for XACML

  • Right Thinking Americans should pronounce Agile
    Folks across the pond always get it twisted with the belief that they speak proper English and us United Statesians don't. Reality says that we are larger, have superior firepower and are generally smarter and therefore you should defer

  • ECM Standards
    I wonder if folks in large enterprises have ever asked themselves why are they paying so much money on software maintenance in the ECM space yet still don't have integration with SOA or any enterprise security standard?

  • Yay, I'm in Trinidad...Again...
    Its been a year since my last visit. I am screaming for some Doubles from Arima and for my sister-in-law to make me some buss up shut. Peace to all bloggers in Biche

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