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Links for 2007-07-20

Good developers, on the whole, hate process that doesn't aid in writing better software, eschew writing documentation not related to the software they write, and especially hate writing documentation related to processes. However, developers do like to get useful things done and care a lot about business concerns. Us Enterprise Architects haven't helped folks who truly could bring alignment between IT and the Business and instead have relied on ceremonial practices such as IT governance, CMMi and outsourcing. I wonder what we can do to fix dysfunctional enterprises and move them away from being process-oriented to being people-oriented?

  • Question for the EAs out there...
    This blogger seeks advice on how to talk about lessons learnt or perspectives without breaching an NDA. My take is that lessons learnt are always sharable as long as you talk about the human aspects. The blogosphere doesn't need a project status and doesn't give a crap about timelines and all the internal technobabbble. Think about patterns in human behavior and share accordingly.

  • IBM, The leader in Identity and Access Management
    I really hate when industry analysts measure leadership by using revenue numbers as leadership has nothing to do with financial considerations. For one, this puts open source companies at a disadvantage simply because their revenue numbers won't be as high due to the simple fact that they don't sell software. How come analysts can gain insight at least into profitability or something even more important like which ones are pushing the envelope within their domain. In order to be a leader, you have to have followers and I see no evidence that Oracle, Sun, BMC or others are following

  • Google Apps Authentication
    I may have to eat my words on the lack of ECM products implementing SSO. I find it intriguing that Google and Drupal figured out the need to standardize authentication but yet other enterprise vendors in this space haven't. It would be interesting if Craig Randall commented on whether D6 DFS makes this problem go away or does it still linger?

  • Laws of Software Development
    For all those who teach computer science who should be teaching software engineering

  • Open Source JBoss Rules gains speed
    I wonder if it runs faster than Fair Isaac Blaze and iLog JRules?

  • ESB or not ESB?
    If you want advice on SOA, you really shouldn't rely on software vendors. Sometimes the best answer is to simply pick up the phone and talk to one of your competitors who may have a technology lead. I wonder if this person purchased an ESB that doesn't support BPEL nor any of the enterprise security standards such as XACML when they could have chosen a higher quality one such as Apache ServiceMix and got it for free?

  • The approach to a successful SOA
    Advice such as allowing a vendor to create a simple demo will not lead you to success but it will lead you to future problems and higher costs. Hello World in ESB land is simply insufficient. To prove out an ESB you need more complex criteria than what can be done in one day

  • Conference on Java Technology - Pune, India
    This is one of the few locations within India where I wouldn't mind travelling to speak on enterprise considerations. It would be wonderful to Apoorv Durga and Harshad Oak on the agenda though as they have a lot of knowledge that is worth listening to

  • Authorization in a box
    Marco, what are you doing talking about authorization within an identity management world? Don't you know that bloggers in the world of identity management have chosen to exercise their right to remain silent on this topic? I really hope that you don't discuss the five reasons not to invest in identity management as lots of folks won't know how to respond

  • RBAC vs Entitlement Management
    We have talked about identity enough, kinda like playing with dead snakes. Glad to see the conversation shifting

  • One and Only One Question for Charlene Li of Forrester
    I wonder if she has been trading notes with Guy Kawasaki and Nick Gall?

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