Friday, July 06, 2007


Links for 2007-07-06

  • Why aren't IT executives patriotic?
    If you have thoughts on this matter, please do not hesitate to share

  • Mylyn Conversation and Demo
    Michael Cote of Redmonk comments on Mylyn (formally known as Mylar). I have always thought that there was an opportunity to integrate Mylyn with HP/Mercury Interactive/Kintana ITG product. It would be wonderful to learn if someone is working on this

  • More US Jobs lost to a 3rd world country
    Normally Paul madsen is spot on but I have to disagree here. I suspect he isn't aware that Canada is not another country but an unclaimed state, we simply haven't told Canadians about this. By the way, this is evidence why the United States will not declare English as its first language because we want to provide comfort to all those french folks in Montreal

    Johannes Ernst of Netmesh comments on the CARML specification and points out places where it is thin. I too agree about the name-value pairs. I also see the opportunity for many aspects of CARML to merge with other specifications and shouldn't be standalone. The biggest lift though to the identity community would be to first implement XACML. I have always wondered if Kim Cameron has ever thought about extending the notion of claims to not only assert what a relying party wants to fulfill authentication but to also indicate to the identity selector what the relying party will do with the information once they have it

  • Alfreso rolls Web 2.0 features into CMS upgrade
    Ian Howells of Alfresco enumerates many of the features in the latest version. This product I suspect will start taking marketshare away from Interwoven, Documentum and Fatwire. The feature that allows bloggers to write, edit and upload posts to wordpress and typepad seems cool but of course since I use blogger, I can't take advantage of. The only negative in terms of the article is the mention that the Department of Homeland Stupidity and other government entities use it without any mention of respectable Fortune enterprises.
  • RabbitMQ
    The notion of Open Source Enterprise Messaging is not discussed much by industry analysts. I wonder if folks know that ActiveMQ beats out IBM MQSeries in throughput testing?

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