Saturday, July 14, 2007


Even More Links for 2007-07-14

  • Another Untold Story in the world of Identity Management
    I am hoping at other's may share their thoughts?

  • Confusing Tactics and Strategy: An Agile Antipattern
    organizations. Think about it from an executive or product manager’s standpoint; Having development teams who can capitalize on immediate revenue opportunities is intoxicating. IT organizations have been screaming “No” to rapid change for decades.

  • ATOM Feeds vs RSS Feeds
    Bex Huff provides an interesting perspective on REST within the ECM domain. His comment: you could "punt" and rely on wacky SAML, but that just seems to complicate things beyond necessity... seems as if folks in the ECM domain don't believe in the notion of SSO and would rather force complexity in other ways such as making folks log into different systems of course using different passwords, making enterprise administrators duplicate identity stores instead of leveraging an existing one such as Active Directory and so on.

  • BPM Think Tank is shaping up
    The notion of assembling users to talk about common problems within the world of BPM is invaluable. Maybe I could become an invited speaker and talk about how BPM should converge with enterprise security. Will have to ping Bruce Silver and Derek Miers

  • Next Generation Java-Based 768 Core Server Released
    If you haven't heard of Azul Systems you should check out their value proposition. The interesting thing is that none of the ESB or BPM vendors have certified themselves. I am curious if folks from Intalio, Sonic and Capeclear aren't interested in scalability?

  • How JBI can improve your love life
    I would be curious to know what Brian ONeill thinks about whether there is merit in ECM vendors embracing JBI?

  • Security ROI is in the Eyes of the Beholder
    Cost avoidance shouldn't be captured as part of ROI but others will disagree

  • Obama Renewing American Leadership
    It is interesting to see that at least one presidential candidate understands the need for security

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