Thursday, July 05, 2007


Even More Links for 2007-07-05

  • Open Source Government
    Does the government work for the goodwill of its people? Take part in this survey.

  • Outsource my laundry
    I wonder if India will be able to outsource some of its boring processes to America

  • On SOA at BT
    Industry analyst James Governor comments on being confused about a recent BT statement on making its entire infrastructure SOA based. I suspect that they have lots of services, in fact they probably have too many and in terms of it aligning with the notion of a business architecture, thats laughable. I wonder if they will spend another eight years mercilessly refactoring their SOA. After all, hindsight is always enlightening

  • 74% of all IT executives predict that outsourcing will fail by 2010
    I wonder if bloggers in India hold the same opinion?

  • Spamming for charity revisited
    Are there good reasons to allow / support spam?

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