Saturday, June 23, 2007


Links for 2007-06-23

  • Would you change the Zachman Framework?
    Emphatically yes. The Zachman framework is only useful to enterprises who believe enterprise architecture is about the savage creation of comprehensive documentation that sits on the shelf. The Federal Government is one example that comes to mind. Sadly though Roger Evernden isn't figuring out the aspect of where enterprise architecture is supposed to enable the strategic intent of the business which frameworks that he recommends have no ability to solve for

  • SOAtization of Enterprise Culture
    Pankaj Arora provides a perspective that others should pay attention too...

  • Software Vendor Sales Folks are Evil
    I was thinking it has been awhile since I was even approached about co-authoring a whitepaper with a software vendor

  • Playing Chess with the marketplace?
    I just started reading Rajesh Shetty and his blog and while at some level it is the usual business cliche stuff but at another level very pragmatic. I hope that those in Indian outsourcing firms will amplify his more recent entries and put him on their blogroll

  • Crap we learn in school
    Now that the school year is over, I need to reflect how he has exponentially grown as a little person.

  • BEA AquaLogic SOA Management
    Oracle has one of the best SOA Management platforms and it is years ahead of Actional and Amberpoint. Good to see that BEA is also jumping into the mix.

  • Analyzing the Analysts: Brenda Michelson
    It has been a long time since I commented on particular industry analysts. I was thinking about doing an analysis on Raven Zachary and Michael Cote. Any thoughts?

  • Blog Disclaimers
    In the month of July historically speaking is when I have managed to do my absolute best to offend those who believe that perception is reality and will redouble my efforts. I better update my blog disclaimer

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