Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Links for 2007-06-19

  • Is wider better?
    Alfred Green attempts to answer my question regarding the widening of America and their ability to fit into car seats. We have all seen others struggle in this regard. Maybe this is an opportunity for some enterprising lawyer to figure out how to sue auto manufacturers for disciminating against folks who are fat?

  • Latest Report from CMS Watch
    Others have perspectives on the CMS domain and which vendors are better than others. It is good to see that some integrity in the industry analyst space and not tempering the message solely for revenue purposes

  • Outsourcing 101
    No Indian-based blogger dare comment except anonymously on this particular blog entry as the truth is more painful than fiction

  • Reverse Offshoring is hype?
    CNN comments that Indian companies, which are becoming major players in the international arena, are hiring aggressively in the United States, reversing the earlier trend when they always transferred Indians to work in America on temporary visas. Freshers need to be coupled with those who have real-world experiences in order to ensure client success.

  • Enterprise Systems Integration Architecture
    Vinod shares some interesting insights. As a new blogger, I hope that he continues down the path and shares more frequently

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