Monday, June 18, 2007


Links for 2007-06-18

  • Will this video outrage Americans
    If there is only one thing you do today that is meaningful, I suggest you read this blog entry

  • Staying Alive in the software industry
    Harshad Oak, an individual I have the utmost respect for writes about what it is like to work for an India outsourcing firm. It saddens me to hear that folks in India are being manipulated in terms of disturbing work/life balance and are starting to work 6 to 7 days a week. While I don't know the answer to this problem, I can say that now is the time to stand strong against unreasonable clients. I wonder if I will ever become one?

  • Evolving technology for better privacy
    Kim Cameron shares his thoughts on how technology needs to evolve in order to ensure privacy. He shows digital certificates on the lower end of the spectrum. I suspect that most enterprises are avoiding using this approach and it is dead in terms of cross-company usage

  • On Identity Claims, Unlinkability and Selective Disclosure
    For those who noodle CardSpace and OpenID, you should check out this blog entry.

  • Old for New
    The proliferation of consultancies who have risen to explain the complex phenomenon of EA and SOA will ultimately destroy the discipline IT sorely needs

  • Blogging on
    Mike Walker will be blogging on the topic of enterprise architecture in financial services and seeks advice. May I suggest that the first thing he does is make sure CIO magazine represents first hand opinions of those who are actually enterprise architects. I think CIOs will learn something hearing messages directly from us instead of the tempered response of other CIOs or the distilled response from industry analysts and vendors

  • Five Tips for failproof outsourcing
    It seems as if they left off two tips that I would like to see added. First, make sure that your project has absolutely zero freshers assigned. In fact, demand that only folks with ten years of IT experience be assigned to your account. The second tip may be to not outsource to India and instead prefer destinations such as Trinidad or Brazil who have better quality individuals at similar rate arbitrage.

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