Monday, May 21, 2007


Links for 2007-05-21

  • Darfur News Brief
    A report released from Amnesty International found "the bulk" of arms transferred to Sudan is from Chinese and Russian sources, despite a UN arms embargo on Sudan. Later this week, Amnesty International will also be publishing a report on civil rights abuses in India.

  • Congressman James McGovern cuts budget to $3 a day
    Ever notice how Guy Kawasaki, Arrianna Huffington, Michelle Malkin, Kathy Sierra or Beppe Grillo never talk about politicians who are attempting to make a difference. At best they are only capable of either throwing daggers or practicing their right to remain silent.

  • Flipping the analyst business model
    Jason Corsello asks his clients why they spend so much with Gartner. At the time we were talking $100K minimum per annum but realistically north of $250K when everything is included. That’s a lot of money by anyone’s standards. Many vendors spend a LOT more. I wonder why vendors don't consider an investment in getting their CTO's to blog as a better usage of cash?

  • Open Source Web Browser
    Is Mozilla Firefox bloated? I can attest that memory usage has been less efficient in later releases.

  • Commercial Open Source is a juggling act
    I wonder when folks will start noodling that the model of open source doesn't have to be commercial? What would happen if everyone within a particular industry vertical got together and figured out how to support themselves for non competitive advantage software?

  • Blaming Bush for the TornadoesWill Bush handle it the same way as he did Katrina?

  • Enterprise Modeling Anti-Patterns
    A pointer to Scott Ambler's site on modeling

  • Try Vegetarian
    Compassion over killing.

  • Finally, offsets for dumb peopleAre you a liberal and are you tired of your sane acquaintances making fun of your insanely contradictory positions? Do those annoying conservatives harsh your mellow with their irritating logic and consistency? Are you interested in stopping the bushitler and his Questionable military thinking?

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