Monday, November 06, 2006


Why Voting Republican makes one a big fat idiot...

John Kerry's infamous speech was absolutely brilliant. Let me tell you why...

Ever ask yourself why the majority of the folks enter the military? It isn't because of patriotic notions but for economic reasons. Ask yourself if corporate America (Citigroup comes to mind) stopped sending good entry-level positions to places such as India and instead afforded more opportunities for American minorities, would they continue to enlist? Some folks are confused by the fact that we should fully unequivacolly support our troops but this is separate and distinct from why folks enlist.

I beleive that folks in the military are definetely not stupid. They made a choice based on economic factors. Being employed is good for the country. What would happen if corporate America stopped the using today's bullshit definition of diversity and inclusion and started creating jobs for those of hispanic descent. The same ones that are enlisting to protect the freedoms of others.

Another reason why folks enlist in the military is that they are trying to escape something. For the record, I was honorably discharged from the United States Coast Guard and was willing to put my life on the line. I think the notion for me was patriotic but this was secondary. Honestly, the primary reason is that I knew then and still feel today that I am invincible.

The thought that I could avoid what I have now become was appealing. Today, as an enterprise architect I am forced to think about alignment and the spirit of collaboration. While enlisting in the Coast Guard, I thought of chasing drug dealers in the ocean and giving them two choices; to either listen to exactly what I say and do it without hesitation or I would blow them out of the f'ing water. This kinda reminds me why my peers don't like to do pair programming with me, the model of type exactly what I say is the best form of being agile.

Outsourcing increases the amount of folks that will enlist in the military but decreases patriotism. I suspect George Bush has statistics on the number of visas issued to folks from India whom also don't seem to care about doing their fair share of putting their own lives on the line. Anyone in the blogosphere care to publish statistics on the amount of folks in the military that are of Indian descent?

My two sons of course will enlist when they get old enough, so I guess the grand total of those of Indian descent will at least be two in the year 2020. Maybe the conversation should change away from putting up fences on the border. After all, those of mexican descent are more than willing to defend American freedoms. Only if those from outsourcing firms would be willing to do the same.

George Bush needs to understand why folks agree to put their lifes on the line. It is not just patriotism but a sense of satisfaction one otherwise wouldn't get by getting the opportunity to split wigs. In modern society, men are no longer men, but at least if someone of the male species want's to be one, they can do so within Iraq and not have the guy next to them thinking about civil unions...

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