Wednesday, May 23, 2007


ECM Architecture

I was happy to see that Raoul Miller of Oracle provided a thoughtful response to my original commentary on ECM. For the record, I was not commenting on Oracle products but the ECM space as a whole. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise and the next reply from Raoul will be a public commitment in his blog to address the issues I raised.

Anyway, Raoul mentions SAML and XACML didn't seize the opportunity to share with us when Oracle will be including support for them in their ECM suite. Hopefully, Raoul wasn't avoiding this answer in that it wasn't on their roadmap until I mentioned it or even worse regardless of customer need it still won't be on their roadmap, at least in the short term as this would prove out my analogy of client/server thinking.

Likewise, in terms of commenting on support for SOA, it would be very interesting if he could point me to the WSDL for their ECM services and ideally take the next step by proposing a WSDL standard interface to AIIM. In thinking about this issue, I also didn't see any commentary as to whether Oracle's ECM product offering could directly bind at runtime to existing credential stores such as Active Directory not just for authentication but to retrieve profile information, utilize Microsoft Certificate Services and other use cases that enterprises would want to accomplish.

When Oracle acquired Thor in the identity management space and Oblix in the SSO space, I suspect that the opportunity for convergence should be stronger than in other product offerings. Maybe Oracle's ECM suite will be the first to support SPML, CARML and other industry specifications that Oracle excels at.

I tend to read a lot of Oracle blogs and get annoyed because they haven't enabled trackback and therefore are a distant second in terms of community orientation when compared to both Microsoft and Sun. I wonder if the blog software is controlled by the ECM team at Oracle. If not, it should be...

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