Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Links for 2007-05-16

  • Real World Enterprise Architecture: Part II
    Neil Ward-Dutton asks what does this mean for tools, technologies and methodologies which purport to aid architecture work of different flavours? There are several thoughts that come to mind. Some EA tools are great for modeling in the sense of forward engineering while others are better at creating a catalog in the spirit of knowing what you already have. I have yet to see any form of guidance to help an enterprise understand which flavor it needs most

  • EA Directions and Linthicum Group to Deliver World Class SOA Consulting
    I really hate when advertising appears as a news feature. Shame on David Linthicum and the folks at sys-con for using this tactic

  • Architecture, a definition
    It is interesting the variety of definitions one can run across for otherwise simple concepts.

  • Does IT Matter
    Industry analyst Neil Macehiter comments on the correct way to think about IT's effect going forward and once IT has got its own house in order, what are the next steps. Gaining trust can occur earlier even before IT actually gets its act together.

  • Come and meet me in person at EMC World 2007
    While I will not be attending, several of my coworkers will. I hope that they will be able to gain insights as to why those in the ECM space don't practice any form of modern software architecture, don't describe any notion of patterns and eschew UML while still stuck in client/server thinking?

  • CardSpace Privacy Problems
    Ben Laurie is taking on Kim Cameron by pointing out how Cardspace violates the Laws of Identity. I hope that Kim and his friends at Microsoft will step up and fix vs going into defense mode.

  • SOA Consortium Goals
    Todd Biske comments on the goals of the SOA consortium. For the record, I too am a member and see value in those from other Fortune 200 enterprises participating.

  • Internet Identity Conference
    I noticed that the agenda only contained speakers from software vendors, Internet startups with absolutely zero folks from either the Federal Government and/or a Fortune 100 enterprise whose primary business model isn't technology. Is it that folks from these demographics don't care or that conference chairs are lousy at inviting them?

  • I will teach software architecture
    Good to see that others realize that software architecture isn't being taught in universities and therefore are stepping up to fix this problem. The issue for teaching software architecture in a university setting is that it typically requires having a real-world perspective, something that most university professors lack. Maybe I should work with local universities such as Trinity College or Wesleyan and become a professor as well?

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