Sunday, April 22, 2007


Links for 2007-04-22

No love from the A-List bloggers...

  • What are disadvantages/challenges in web services
    I would argue that if you have a web service management platform that transaction support is a bigger challenge than security as many of these vendors in their next release will support SAML and XACML

  • Identity Predictions for 2007
    I wonder if this author is brilliant or got it twisted?

  • WSO2 Commons Admin UI Framework
    User Interfaces for administration of applications isn't talked about much.

  • DirectBuy
    If you heard about DirectBuy on TV or Radio advertising, please check out this site first

  • The MIT License
    Thoughtful analysis by Raven Zachary

  • Paradigm Shift: Busyness to Burstyness
    Former RedNun Anne 2.0 describes how I feel on a daily basis

  • Hackers invited to crack Internet voting
    I wonder if this should be the norm for all voting machine software? Maybe folks from Diebold could comment?

  • Identity Zeitgeist
    How do you know when you have been in the Identity community too long?

  • An architects natural mode of thinking is lateral
    A good architect will engage in a thinking process that generates creative synergies, brilliant shortcuts and identifies the serious issues well ahead of time.

  • Take AIIM on Security
    Will AIIM start paying attention to security or simply bury the issue?

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