Saturday, April 07, 2007


Diversity in India Part Two

Continuing the wonderful conversation regarding Diversity in India...

While India is still an absolutely horrible to place to outsource IT work, it has many qualities that I wish the American government would consider. For example, I recently learned from an anonymous comment that the Indian government has a special subsidy for Muslims travelling to Hajj. The notion of a government acknowledging wrongdoings towards certain demographics and paying continued reparations feels like a better answer than what has ever happened in the United States.

Likewise, the notion of Muslims having a special courts and laws for themselves based on the shariah also feels like forward progress. Many of my peers have listened to me rant in that I am neither Democratic nor Republican as I believe both parties are fundamentally flawed at their core.

I tell the story of my enlightenment several years ago when I had to go to court for a bullshit ticket. As I entered the court building, enscribed on the ceiling was the phrase: Laws were made for men of ordinary understanding yet I observed a freakin room full of ordinary men having absolutely zero clue. This was the first hint that something major is wrong with our legal system.

I then began to noodle the notion what if folks were only held accountable to laws they understood? For example, it would be reasonable for someone who is Jewish to understand that eating Pork is bad. What if we could then hold Jewish people to Jewish laws, Muslim folks to Shariah Laws and so on? In my ideal world, if I were law enforcement, I would arrest people for not breaking a commonly held law but their own.

So, if I saw someone that is Hindu eating at Burger King, throw them in jail. If I saw someone of the Jewish faith eating Shrimp Fried Rice, throw them in jail. If I saw a Muslim eating a Ham sandwich, throw them in jail. Of course, there would be nothing wrong with a Muslim eating shrimp or a Jewish person eating a burger. I guess the point is that holding folks to one law is simply wrong in my opinion as the believe that we are all equal isn't reality...

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