Friday, March 23, 2007


Diversity in India?

I was in Walmart yesterday looking for peat pots as I am starting my garden. In the aisle where two folks who worked for a local company. They were discussing India in a way that I haven't heard before. In eavesdropping, they pondered several questions in which I didn't even know the answer to but figured someone in the blogosphere knows the answers...

The word diversity nowadays has been twisted into a meaningless cliche phrase. If we choose to use the definition as defined by EEOC, I wonder how India would fair? I wonder if anyone from India could provide insight into the following questions?

1. Any statistics on folks in India that are from Hispanic or African origin?

2. As I understand, there is a portion of the Indian population that practices Judaism. Could anyone provide me with a name and contact information of someone of this demographic that works for an IT outsourcing firm? I would love to have a dialog with them on a couple of topics.

3. Folks who practice Islam make up about 15% of India's population yet they don't seem to make up 15% of the folks who are employed by outsourcing firms. While it is easy to respond back with a name or two, how come hiring of this demographic is so out of balance?

4. Do employees of India based outsourcing firms ever ask for more diversity in terms of hiring using EEOC-like definitions?

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