Sunday, March 25, 2007


Links for 2007-03-25

I have yet to be on an effective committee. If committees were meant to be effective, they would have been called teams...

  • Innocent but Dangerous Language
    I wonder if Gunnar Peterson has any thoughts on this one?

  • Loglogic
    I noticed that the last time I mentioned them, I got an automated trackback. The keyword leadership also seems to have the same behavior.

  • Scrum is not Agile
    A must read for enterprise architects

  • Wealth without Work
    Leadership after the fall of outsourcing

  • Defining Participatory Open Source
    I wonder how many industry analysts have a clue as to which open source vendors encourage participation?

  • Availability Metrics
    For all you ITIL heads

  • Defining Intellectual Capital
    More folks in large enterprises only understand what to protect but are clueless in figuring out what to give away

  • Richard L. Ford, United States Army
    Acknowledgement to a fallen soldier who defended our freedom

  • Organizational Development via Scrum
    Can agilists drive organizational change?

  • Six Questions to ask Indian Outsourcing Firms
    Many will attack the question but none will provide the answer

  • Writing Better Rules
    Many enterprises haven't realized the power of Business Rules Engines. Maybe it is because industry analysts haven't been doing a good job in spoonfeeding clueless enterprise architects?

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