Sunday, August 13, 2006


Web 2.0 and Lou Springer...

Lou Springer commented on a previous blog entry on my thoughts of what coworkers need to noodle for 2010. I figured I owe him a response...

Lou, you are right, I intentionally didn't mention web 2.0 for a variety of reasons. Your analysis that there isn't much technology behind web 2.0 is on the money. The thing that you didn't pick up is that the list is also about building a resume. In my humble prediction, no employer this year, nor in 2010 will be looking for folks with web 2.0 experience but they will for the others.

This is not to say that web 2.0 doesn't matter. It does say that it isn't of high priority relative to the things I outlined. The one thing that I could say though that I should have listed was related to open source. I am firm in my belief that enterprises in 2010 will not only be looking for folks who use open source but have actively participated in contributing back...

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