Sunday, March 19, 2006


Freedom and Enterprise Architecture

The word free in our society can have multiple meanings. As an agilist, one freedom rarely discussed is the freedom for collaborative, self-organizing teams in large enterprises...

Would enterprise architecture improve in corporate America if it wasn't so focused on process and frameworks but on the human aspects? If the focus changed to allowing folks to be human instead of pontificating the latest buzzword, would we truly start to understand the problem and be able to propose cost-effective sound solutions?

Virginia Satir and Norm Kerth have defined a list of freedoms in which I have modified for enterprise architecture practitioners...

1. The freedom to perceive things as they really are.

2. The freedom to say what you think and share your feelings without fear of discrimination or retribution.

3. The freedom to ask questions, to ask for information, to ask for what you want.

4. The freedom to make decisions to do the right thing.

5. The freedom to be creative, to take risks and make mistakes.

6. The freedom to learn, to change, and to seek improvement.

If small is the new big and open is the new agile then why can't freedom be the new enterprise architecture...

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