Friday, March 10, 2006


Agile Enterprises and Declarative Living

Earlier in the week I had the opportunity to talk with James Governor and Michael Cote of RedMonk on a variety of topics related to open source, agility and increasing transparency in enterprises. I figured I would seed them with a thought I had and see if it has merit...

The best thing that could happen in order to increase credible transparency in corporate environments is to start publishing data on the software development process in an annual report and explain changes in trends. Everyone knows that nowadays IT is no longer the electronic filing cabinet and is starting to become the strategic enabler of business processes, wouldn't shareholders therefore be interested in certain details?

Imagine if the annual report had to declare how many jobs they moved to offshore locations? Imagine if the report showed how many employees had IT related certifications or even how many knew how to code in the executive ranks? The beautiful thing is that the SEC wouldn't need to create a special process and could simply mandate ISO/IEC 15939: Software Measurement Process.

For soft issues, we all understand the importance of diversity yet this word has morphed into yet another meaningless buzzword. Imagine if enterprises had to publish EEOC statistics for the IT function? What would it show? Imagine if this data were even exposed as a web service for anyone to query? What would this truly expose about architectures in corporate America...

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