Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Disappointed: Nick Gall of Gartner

Awhile back, I asked a question for Nick Gall of Gartner regarding open source vendors in the magic quadrant. He responded that he was not able to provide an answer either personally nor professionally to my question and was directed to the Ombudsman.

I am always fearful of being sent in a direction where the answer I seek requires transparency yet the mechanism used to find the answer demands secrecy. I did notice tha the ombudsman's blog has absolutely zero support for trackback which is the first clue that dialog is futile which leaves me to speculate as to why he couldn't answer. One of the possibilities is that it is impossible to be in the leaders quadrant without paying fees but that no one wants to talk about it. Another possibility is that it is possible to be in the leaders quadrant without paying fees but Gartner dooesn't want people to know that this is possible. Another possibility still is that Nick hasn't personally seen anyone in the area he covers appear in the leaders quadrant and it would probably require a ton of homework on his part to figure out and may turn into a pursuit analogous to finding the meaning of life? Maybe he knows that the question can't be positively answered regardless of the facts behind it and has resorted to the whole perception is reality way of thinking?

I wonder if others in the blogosphere can speculate as to other reasons why he has avoided/deferred answering this question?

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