Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Links for 2007-05-01

  • Does the Agile Manifesto need refactoring? Should it be extended?
    Rewritten? Emphatically no! Refactoring? maybe? What I can say is that if folks are noodling refactoring, they should seriously consider getting participation from folks who are not consultants nor employed by software vendors. Diversity is a good thing.

  • Work Hoarding
    Do folks still hoard work in order to appear important?

  • Six Time Wasting Practices CIOs need to Stop Doing to Improve Performance
    Here is a link that you should email not only to CIOs but to the CEO as well

  • Open Source Marketing: What about launching an open source awareness campaign?
    Something I would personally endorse as the perspectives of the masses in large enterprises towards open source reminds me of an abortion gone wrong

  • Put Your Business Rules to the Test
    David Dossot shares words of wisdom on business rules and testing. I wonder if he has any perspective on the business rules community at large and how many of them are process weenies who avoid talking about important topics such as architecture?

  • Bell Curve Compensation IS an Anti-Pattern
    It is rare for Pat Patterson and I to agree. Maybe he might agree that one should be able to download Solaris 10 for the x86 platform for a CD image whereas the download site only allows for DVD installation

  • SOA Governance and Roles
    Gabriel Bechara comments on enterprise architecture and still supports the inaccurate cliche phrase of city planning and building codes. Most folks who have never actually done construction don't know where this analogy falls apart.

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