Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Open Source Policy Administration System Project Plans?

We all know the horror stories behind unsuccessful policy administration system replacement projects. Google ‘Policy Administration implementations success rates’ and the results more than tell the real story.  After you scroll down the self-serving ‘studies’ and gushing customer write-ups supplied by consulting companies and vendors, real-world insights runs thinner than cheap wine.

It is easy to find industry analysts waxing poetically about their unique insights that are otherwise not very insightful. Some examples are:

- Pick the right vendor (I would love to hear from a CIO who goes out of their way to pick the wrong one)

- IT needs to better align with the business (I also believe that the cafeteria staff need to align with the security guards overseeing the parking lot)

- Make sure you have a thoughtful project plan and transparent communication (ever see an industry analyst actually share what they think a good project plan looks like)

So, instead of sitting back with our rinse and repeat broken approaches, I would like to propose the creation of an open source policy administration system replacement project plan. I am looking for vendors of administration systems to share their implementation plans such that we can create a unified reusable resource for all to benefit from.

If you would like to contribute, please drop me a note...

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