Saturday, November 17, 2012


Why do Mobile Phone Users tolerate security worst practices?

Magazines bash Microsoft for their frequent patching of Microsoft Windows (which is a good thing) yet they tolerate almost criminal behavior for their mobile phone providers without ever making the slightest complaint...

Consumers need to slap mobile phone providers silly when it comes to security. Consider this... Google first patches something, and then the mobile device manufacturer (Motorola, Samsung, etc.) vet the patches, and then it goes the respective mobile carriers (AT&T, VZW, etc.) where they supposedly do the same thing. Eventually the patches are rolled out by your mobile carrier.

OK, it's bad enough that the poor user is at the bottom of this long food chain, but to top it off, the mobile device manufactures and mobile carries both have a vested interest in NOT patching your Android smart phone. The reason, is they want you to wait and upgrade to some newer model, meaning more $$ for both of them.

Consumers need to demand changes to this model if we expect information security to protect our privacy and provide us with information security...

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