Thursday, November 08, 2012


Is Revolutionary Industry Analysis possible for Vertically Focused Analyst Firms?

Industry Analysts such as James Governor (Redmonk), Tony Bryne (Real Story Group), Ray Wang (Constellation) and Charlene Li (Altimeter) have brought innovation to the world of industry analysis by providing alternative choice, thought leadership and simplier ways to engage an analyst when compared to traditional approaches.

The impact of these thought leaders has done wonders for those who seek out futuristic thinking surrounding horizontal business and technology challenges, yet if your problem is industry vertical in nature, you still have no choice but to accept traditional status quo...

Is it possible to create a new vertical focused analyst ecosystem that will do more than  just  the status quo of giving speeches at industry conferences, producing reports filled with easy to gather survey results and sorting vendors into arbitrary boxes?

If you wanted to create a new Industry Analyst firm focused on industry vertical challenges, what would it feel like? Here are a few models to consider:
When you look at this list, does it somehow wake you up and help you understand not what you are getting but what you are missing?

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