Monday, November 26, 2012


Do HR people have value in a Lean Thinking culture? (Part One)

Why don’t HR people measure? Surely, they can use many of the best practices learned from the Big Data movement. After all, how many suboptimal timesheet processes exist within large enterprises that can be mined for value beyond their current financial purpose?

How many enterprises make an additional business qualification mandatory for new job postings? Most HR departments do one of two things: They don’t measure anything really or measure every input under the sun with little idea as to why it might be important, and even less idea whose job it is to achieve the output.

Do you measure absenteeism? But of course. Why? We like to know who’s absent. Wrong answer! It should be: we collect and analyze absenteeism statistics to aggregate trends and conclusions for our key business customers so that they can work on reducing absenteeism levels to our 2.4% target.

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