Monday, March 12, 2012


Bible-Oriented Enterprise Architecture: Part Four

Enterprise Architects are also stewards of the IT portfolio of their firm. Sometimes, you will be tested in terms of being a good steward...

The stewardship test comes to demonstrate how wisely and generously we are handling resources we have been given. Often, we wish we had more or different resources. Instead of bitching and complaining about what you control or don't, God says: Use what you have.

Should we watch the rise of fiscal irresponsibility and be a participant in mortgaging the future just to get an initiative we believe in done? Bankruptcy is the outcome of many who couldn't live with using what you have. This applies to the home mortgage crisis, the crash of wall street and the overall decline in the American economy. Whether you were significantly impacted or not is a measure of your ability to be a good steward.

Please look to the Bible for guidance. I recommend the following verses: Luke 12:16-21 and Matthew 25:21...

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