Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Bible-Oriented Enterprise Architecture: Part Two

I previously blogged about the test of small things and its impact on bible-oriented enterprise architecture. Today, I will talk about motives...

Today, I had the opportunity to attend a diversity event where I learned a perspective I previously never thought about. The speaker asked a question regarding whether it was a good thing to have an environment free of politics. Of course, I expected this to be a trick question and pondered it for a moment.

Reality states that an environment free of politics suffers from two distinct challenges. If an employee of an enterprise isn't lobbying for a particular cause even when they are going against the grain, then it means that they are probably OK with status quo and are solely focused on staying under the radar. Does this make for a world-class organization?

Of course, the second challenge is actually more sinister. If you find people aren't challenging ideas they don't agree with then you may find that they are running with their own agenda. Could the military work if everyone had a different thought as to what the next step would be on the battlefield?

The bible provides guidance to Enterprise Architects in this regard. Check out Matthew 6:5-6 and Job 1:9-11. The test of motives comes to the one who is doing what is right to reveal his/her true motive. Why we do something will ultimately determine "what" we do...

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