Sunday, January 01, 2012


Why IT fails at increased productivity and business value

I have been studying some of the traits within the insurance vertical and have observed:

Success enterprises live up to their ideology and high standards, even if it costs them something in the short term. The most successful of enterprises have the highest of values that are articulated, adopted and internalized. Think about what comes to mind when you hear the names of McKinsey and Goldman Sachs. Do you think think these firms attempt to be everything to everyone and focus on crowd-pleasing perception management?

In these firms, do you think that the so-called leadership is only focused on leadership and ignores the basics of management? I wonder if someone in McKinsey is thinking that they can make a lot of money just by getting people to work harder and couching this under the guise of leadership? Do they simply set higher financial targets and enforce them while ignoring things like inspiration and motivation?

What would happen if your CIO truly thought about creating an environment where passion is rewarded instead of penalized. What would he/she say if they reflected on the following implicit statements contained within their message:

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