Saturday, October 22, 2011


Enterprise Architecture: The Era of Silence

It would seem to me that if Enterprise Architects wanted to improve the quality of enterprise application development, they would beat their PMO silly with wet noodles for designing processes that allow for the era of silence...

Increasing, many enterprises are convincing themselves that they adhere to Agile methodologies, yet somehow they have simply hijacked the vocabulary of SCRUM and are still waterfall in their approaches. Even for enterprises that are honest enough with themselves and have acknowledged that they can't be anything but waterfall still need to take the next step forward and acknowledge the existence of the era of silence.

The era of silence is the extended period of time, often measured in six to twelve month increments squeezed in somewhere between completing the analysis of user requirements and the big bang testing phase. The era of silence is only broken when discussions betwen development and the customer occurs on the predictable status of the development schedule.

We all know that an enterprise and their PMO organizations love process, but how come we are solely focused on process steps and governance gates at the expense of building better software? Wouldn't it be wonderful if a PMO didn't focus on what artifacts we produced on what dates vs focusing instead on ensuring that large expanses of time don't occur without everyone involved in the SDLC truly collaborating...

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